Gerd Hirzinger

Forschungsschwerpunkte: Robotik, Fernsteuerung von Robotern im Erdorbit, ultraleichte Robot‐. Arme. Gerd Hirzinger war verantwortlich für die Entsendung.

Gerd Hirzinger (Germany) Kenneth Salisbury (USA) Sanjiv Singh (USA) James Trevelyan (Australia) Tsuneo Yoshikawa (Japan) Alex Zelinsky (Australia).

1. Prototypic Force Feedback Instrument for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery. By Ulrich Seibold, Bernhard Kuebler and Gerd Hirzinger. Part of book: Medical.

Hirzinger has spent his career at DLR, the German national aeronautics and space research center, where he has played a leading role in the development of.

Gerd Hirzinger received the Dipl.-Ing. and Doctoral degrees from the Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany, in 1969 and 1974, respectively. He was.

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Gerd Hirzinger received his Dipl.-Ing. degree and the doctor's degree from the Technical University of Munich, in 1969 and 1974 respectively. In 1969 he joined.

lecture flag Robotics and Mechatronics – From Space to Surgery and the Virtual World as author at Dnevi Jožefa Stefana na Institutu "Jožefa Stefana",

Prof. Dr. Ing. Gerd Hirzinger received his Dipl.-Ing. Degree 1969 and the doctor's degree 1974 from the Technical University of Munich. In 1969 he joined DLR.

. Paul in Hidden Valley, Pennsylvania (1993); Georges Giralt and Gerd Hirzinger in Herrshing, Germany (1995); Yoshiaki Shirai and Shigeo Hirose in Shonan,

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Hirzinger German Aerospace Center Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics Münchener Straße 20 82234 Oberpfaffenhofen-Weßling

Semantic Scholar profile for Gerd Hirzinger, with 892 highly influential citations.

Original language, English. Title of host publication, Experimental Robotics II – The 2nd International Symposium, 1991. Editors, Raja Chatila, Gerd Hirzinger.

List of computer science publications by Gerd Hirzinger.

Gerd Hirzinger's 792 research works with 20811 citations and 1598 reads, including: Space Robotics.

Dr. Gerd Hirzinger and currently employs over 220 engineers and scientists. It is one of the biggest and most acknowledged Institutes in the field worldwide.

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May 3, 2018. Gerd Hirzinger was born in Schwandorf, Bavaria in 1945. He received his Dipl. – Ing. degree and doctorate in electronics and communication.

Sam Haddadin, Alin Abu Schaeffer, Mirko Frommberger, Gerd Hirzinger, Juergen Rossmann "The 'DLR Crash Report': Towards a Standard Crash Testing.

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